On the set of Cold, a short film by KJ Hamilton (Kirsty) 2018. DOP Chris Matthews, First AC David Chan.

Kirsty writes, directs, acts, voices and teaches acting and has produced short films.

As a highly experienced actor herself, she has a talent for facilitating actors, new and experienced to give their best and discover their full potential.

Highly prepared and diligent Kirsty is happiest working in a collaborative manner as a director with the specific talents of cast and crew alike.

Kirsty’s strengths lie in her focused intensity, emotional honesty, vulnerability, and her ability to maintain a sense of humor and humility on set.

She writes to bring attention to the struggle, adversity, talents, and quiet triumphs of women, girls and those who are ostracized by conservative systems and privileged perspectives. She creates to shine a light on the negative effects of loss, abusive environments, and the lack of opportunities that exclusive systems and poverty can create.

Still by Tracey Olivier, 2018.