Photograph by Andi Crown Photography.

‘Kirsty Hamilton was an extraordinary director. She was really easy to relate to, and was really forthcoming with her ideas which helped each of the cast members find their character and discover their most important qualities’ – Student Actor, National Shakespeare’s School Production, SGCNZ, New Zealand.

‘…As an actress she has performed in all mediums and won numerous awards and critical acclaim. This vast experience feeds directly into her work as a director and producer with actors constantly eager to work with her in the supportive and dynamic environment she creates…’ – Dale Corlett, Head of Talent Development, The New Zealand Film Commission.

‘Kirsty demonstrated tremendous commitment, courage and intelligence. She is very resilient, a natural leader and a very hard worker. She is also a very talented actor. I don’t doubt that she has the depth of character to prove herself as an excellent director..’ – Harry Burton (long time associate of playwright/screenwriter Harold Pinter).

‘I chose Kirsty to play Juliet in our first production and was struck by her commitment to the role and her intense study and understanding of the script. She was quite young at the time but her performance was so strong and passionate that she inspired the whole cast… she was a dream to direct in that she was always prepared and would try anything…

She also performed in Roimata by Riwia Brown directed by Jim Moriaty … the role was considerably smaller than Juliet but she again shone with conviction and skill… I recommend Kirsty as a passionate and skilled actor who will work in a committed way for an project she is involved in.’ – Alison Quigan, Artistic Director, Centerpoint Theater,  New Zealand, 1987 – 2004.

‘I have had the pleasure of knowing Kirsty for some twenty years and have admired her tenacity… Realizing that there is always more to learn, Kirsty is receptive and indeed hungry to continue to hone her skills. It was for this reason that in 2007, SGCNZ selected her as a Shakespeare Globe International Actor Fellow, which entailed spending a month working with just 10 other ‘hand-picked’ mid-career actors from through the world, including Rawiri Paratene, at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Having engaged Kirsty over the years many times playing a variety of roles – as Assessor of SGCNZ’s Festivals, Director at National Shakespeare Schools Production and Tutor of many workshops, I have always been impressed by how well-prepared Kirsty is imaginative and has a determination to succeed, while at the same time, is keen to help to develop technique and provide work for others. ‘ – Dawn Sanders,  ONZM, QSM, SGCNZ CEO & Membership Shakespeare Globe Council, London. – August, 2013