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Kirsty has taught screen acting and acting Shakespeare for over twenty years part-time to all ages of students from 4 years to 60 plus years in New Zealand and the UK. She does one on one Skype or in person coaching for auditions and has designed and taught acting classes for full terms, intensive weeks, block courses, two-hour or half day one-off workshops.

Kirsty Hamilton (right) with actress Kelly Gilbride.

‘The course was challenging, invigorating and incredibly rewarding. I found Kirsty to be an extremely knowledgeable, very passionate and utterly inspirational teacher…’ – Gerry Hay, Actor, Glasgow Media Access Center Limited,  Screen Acting Course, 2007.

‘Kirsty took us on a roller-coaster of emotions with our scene and I had never felt so in touch with my character and my fellow actors…’ – Student,  the Shakespeare Globe Center of New Zealand, NSSP, 2005.

‘Kirsty watches and listens with perception and is brilliant at bringing out the best in people. ‘ – Kate Lindsay, Drama Teacher, Bayfield High School,  Dunedin,  Acting Shakespeare Course, 2011.

‘Kirsty brings considerable experience and hard-won technical flair to her teaching. In addition she has a warm and friendly manner, quickly gaining the trust of her students, so that she is able to create very quickly a working atmosphere that is both playful and focused. Her undoubted understanding of the fundamentals of acting and the special challenges of Shakespeare in particular, further inspire confidence…’ – Peter Feeney, actor, acting coach.

‘I was a student of Miss Kirsty Hamilton at the Edinburgh Acting School and Jigsaw Productions Trainee Actor Company… I learned a great deal from her and her enthusiasm and passion for her work was infectious…’ – student, Suzanne Adamson,  Screen Acting Course, 2000.

‘She taught techniques about how to explore a text that I could understand and immediately put to use… The exercises were varied and stretched my understanding of the text by pushing it in many different directions. The result was a deep exploration of the text I had only read one way previously… I found the whole workshop was a great Shakespeare workout, but most of all I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The energy in the room was playful but focused, the best place for creativity. I feel I would benefit greatly from working with Kirsty in this way again and so would any other actor or student’ – Rachel Dyson-McGregor, Actress. Acting Shakespeare, 2006.

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