Acting Classes

‘Everyone should carefully observe which way their heart draws them and pursue that way with all (their) strength.’


To encourage confidence in an individual’s unique voice and worldview, foster empathy and facilitate compassion for your fellow actors.

To inspire joyful creativity by equipping young or older people, aspiring or experienced actors & directors with acting techniques that can be employed as they cultivate connection and pursue their acting and or story telling passions.

To ignite the desire to be honorable in your representation of another characters experience and vulnerable and true in reflecting universal human emotions.


Exciting, focused, passionate and highly practical acting techniques are shared to nourish and develop the budding or experienced actor to create compelling and dynamic performances on stage and screen or for those who wish to try something new and fulfilling.

Zoom private coaching is available now in 2022.

Please note physical classes will run dependent on numbers minimum per class 10 maximum 16. Online sessions can be one to one coaching.

Payments must be made prior to beginning first class or Zoom session.

Adults Actors Workshop Class – (17 years upwards – intermediate for those who have done some acting at school, university or professionally).

8 Week Course Fees: $ 345

This class is designed to work with actors on techniques for auditions, emotional preparation and monologues for casting use.

The goal here is to create awareness of the actors strengths and areas to strengthen, as well as giving technique for emotional preparation, to deepen listening and empathy and further develop imagination and script analysis technique to be at your best when performing and auditioning.

One learned Monologue is required for the first class from theater or film scripts. Please specify if you need links to scripts or monologues provided. The monologue should be emailed two weeks prior to classes beginning.

Please Note face masks welcome, hand sanitizer provided, and I will be focusing classes where possible on solo work, but there will be some exercises where you will work off other actors, distancing where possible.

Alternatively one on one Skype session are also available for coaching from September 2020 ongoing or one off sessions for audition prep or general acting coaching.

“You are an amazing teacher you have provided us with all the help we needed taking feedback and feed forward, improving and making every lesson more fun and productive at the same at with those small games at the start of the lessons.” – high school student, 2021.

Acting from the Heart – Adults (Mixed Class Beginners and Intermediate)

Fees: $ 325.00 – 10 Classes

The course is created for students who would like to learn and or solidify essential techniques for interpreting and playing text. And to take this time to implement those techniques in a weekly class.

It also offers the student (perhaps), new techniques for emotional preparation and the use of story telling techniques to help emphasize the importance of specificity, and, the imagination, in the actors tool kit.

The final sessions will be used to workshop monologues for exploration/discovery and audition use.

“You have been really supportive kind patient and that tells me how much you love teaching.” – high school student, 2021.

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