No acting classes are running in 2024. In person (Auckland) or zoom private coaching is available.

‘Everyone should carefully observe which way their heart draws them and pursue that way with all (their) strength.’


To encourage confidence in an individual’s unique voice and worldview, foster empathy and build compassion for  your fellow actors, understanding of your characters world view, struggles and aspirations

To inspire joyful creativity by equipping young or older people, aspiring or experienced actors & directors with acting techniques that can be employed as they cultivate connection and pursue their acting and or story telling passions.

To ignite the desire to be honorable in your representation of another characters experience and vulnerable and true in reflecting universal human emotions.


Exciting, focused, passionate and highly practical acting techniques are shared to nourish and develop the new, budding or experienced actor to create compelling and dynamic performances on stage and screen.

Zoom (national and international) or in person (Auckland, New Zealand) private coaching one on one sessions:

Slots on offer in 2024


1pm, 2pm, 3pm


1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

Note: Flexible weekday evenings, one off times slots can be arranged for solo, paired or group auditions, exam or comp coaching.

1/2 hour or full hour sessions,

One off or ongoing coaching.

Audition techniques/coaching for screen and stage,

Exam coaching for Trinity or NZSB exams,

Coaching sessions for students and adults for creative writing: screen writing or short story, speech and or drama exams, competition work, acting coaching for screen, Shakespeare and Poetry.

Payments must be made prior to beginning a Zoom session.

Zoom sessions are 45.00 per 1/2 hour, or 55 dollars per hour.

In person sessions (Auckland) 50.00 per half hour, 65 dollars per hour.

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